Aiden's Fight Fund

Aiden's Fight Fund - Please help me get behind a mate that is doing what he can to ease the financial burden of this painful journey. 







My family finds ourselves in a situation you always hear about but just dont ever think about it happening to you.


My Grandson Aiden has been having medical episodes over the last few months and on Monday ( Last Week ) we found out Aiden' been having seizures between 2 - 8 a day.


His GP sent us straight to the hospital for further scans for which we thought was epilepsy.


The following day Aiden went for his MRI within 3 hours my daughter (Tabatha ) was told to call up some support because the results were in.


They sadly informed us that our young man had an almost 5cm x 2.5cm brain tumour that was growing fast. 
Our hearts broke as you could imagine.


An evacuation team arrived an he and his mum were flown to Brisbane where he underwent brain surgery to take a biopsy of the growth.


We are unsure what category it falls into until the tumor is tested. Our journey has been long and its far from over. Aiden is in good spirits and we are staying positive.


Feeling helpless atm as a grandfather I thought Aiden is in the best possible hands medically. There isn't alot I can do to help there


So i thought, what's usually everyone's next biggest issue. Unfortunately that id normally coin. So I want to build my solider a fighting Fund


We have put our lives on hold obviously. Unfortunately the bills back home in Gladstone dont stop.
Money is something far from anyone's mind atm but I know that is something that is needed and I want to alleviate some of that pressure for the family.


Anyone who knows our family knows that we are not the type people to accept handouts.


What I ask is if you can please get behind this and help with Aidens Fight Fund.


I'm going to part with some of the more prized items out of my collection to help out.


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Donations can be made via Direct Bank Deposit 


Bank Details:
BSB 014541
ACC No. 906107138


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