2010 Uncirculated Six Coin Mint Set


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2010 Six Coin Uncirculated Set

The 2010 Royal Australian Mint six coin uncirculated mint set showcases Australian circulating coin designs and is minted in an uncirculated finish. The 2010 coin sets have been released and due to customer feedback, the Royal Australian Mint has released the 2010 coin sets with all standard circulating coins. The Royal Australian mint has been releasing uncirculating coin sets for 44 years and the original circulating coins have stood the test of time.

The Royal Australian Mint has released a six coin mint set that includes all standard circulating coins including the Two dollars, One dollar, Fifty cents, Twenty cents, Ten cents, Five cents coins in an uncirculated finish.

The uncirculated coins are finished to a high quality uncirculated standard. Uncirculated finish means the coins are struck with greater pressure than circulating coins to improve the details on the design.

This set is the perfect collectible item for children born in 2010.

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