2009 $50 Polymer Banknote Stevens Henry DA09 222222 UNC SOLID SERIAL


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2009 $50 Polymer Banknote Stevens Henry DA09 222222 UNC SOLID SERIAL


Are banknotes that have a solid sequence of serial numbers EG: 444 444. 666 666. 888.888. 333.333. if solid numbered banknotes incorporate a First Prefix numbered banknote of AA99 444 444 the banknote will increase in value from the base Recommended Retail price for a solid numbered banknote to 2-3 times this value. 

Solid numbered banknotes hold interest to collectors for various reasons. In some cultures solid numbers if in the correct sequence will indicate good luck eg: 888 888. 111 111. 666 666. 

Collectors will seek out solid numbered banknotes to complete a series if at all possible in a denomination of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 commencing with 111 111 leading through to 999 999, the “holy grail” would be to secure the numbers 000 000. Such an undertaking may take a lifetime, if achievable at all; part of the enjoyment of any collector is in the journey not the destination. 

The mathematical possibility of collecting certain desired solid numbers as listed above could not be calculated, to achieve such a collectors dream would come down solely to luck and circumstance.
To secure solid numbered banknotes within a reasonable financial budget now focuses on Polymer banknotes, these banknotes are available in excellent grades normally they can be purchased in the grade of Uncirculated. 

Prices for solid numbered banknotes are driven solely by market demand, there are no fixed guidelines a purchaser can follow when purchasing these banknotes. At the present time it is a sellers market with demand far exceeding supply. 

Prices of solid numbered banknotes over the last 3 years have shown an annual capital return of 15%-20 %( approximation only) with this trend set to continue well into the future.


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