1966 50c Round Coins - Bullion Grade +


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1966 50c Round Coins

* Price is per coin

* 3 Coins = 1oz Silver

Thanks to a recent hoard acquisition, We are delighted to be able to offer Australia's famous 1966 Round 50c coins.

The Decimal Changeover of 1966 sparked a need for new coin denominations. Introduced as the 'glamour coin' of the changeover, the eye-catching Round 50c had a fatal flaw: it was struck from 80% pure silver! The price of silver was on the rise at the time, and the coin's intrinsic value soon outstripped its face value. It was rapidly hoarded out of circulation as a consequence.

Production of the Round 50c was halted, and it was replaced with a new dodecagonal cupro-nickel 50c type in 1969. With the new 50c neither round in shape nor struck from silver, the 1966 50c was thus rendered a unique, one-year-only type. As a result, it is always highly sought after by Australian collectors.

All coins are Bullion Grade with some even better


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